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Photo by Rudy Hellmann
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Barry Gordon

2012    Size   H: 3.25 in  W: 4 in  D: 21 in    Weight: 1 lb

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There is a vintage 1807 house nearby. When we moved here thirty-five years ago there were perhaps eight large, old sugar maples on the lawn. One-by-one these trees have succumbed to old age and disease and have been taken down. The first was removed in 1982 and I obtained quite a few medium-size burls and the butt log. I ignored the subsequent periodic removal of the other trees but, in the fall of 2010, another tree was felled and the wood removed except for an atypically tall stump left intact. The bases of many of the old maples have substantial "buttresses" containing highly-figured wood. A neighbor who is a professional arborist and I spent several hours digging, sawing, levering and splitting to rescue some potentially beautiful sections of wood from this stump. This decorative dish came from one of those sections. I started it in the fall of 2010 and let it sit partially completed until January, 2012 when I refined the shape and undertook the hours of tedious hand sanding required by this type of piece.

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