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Photo by David Peters
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The Source

Binh Pho

2009    Size   H: 14 in  W: 13 in  D: 9 in  

In a private collection - Steve Hardis

Created in collaboration with Alain Mailland, who carved the magical tree that Simon is led to by the Gelkandar Gelyu. The work can be opened and closed on a magnetic hinge to show that access to the Tree of Light is protected by the Gelkandar. This work is featured in the upcoming book and museum exhibition Shadow of the Turning, which shares the mythic world of the Gelkandar, unseen beings that influence human behavior. In the story, a character named Simon lives in solitude deep in the forest, where he is led to The Tree of Light. He creates vessels from the wood of the tree, creating a shift in The Balance that is central to human life. The story concerns the individuals who undergo a great adventure to assist with righting The Balance. The book will be published in conjunction with a traveling exhibition opening at the Mobile Museum of Art on January 18, 2013.

Photo by David Peters

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