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The Bailer

David Bennett

1989    Size   H: 20 in  W: 30 in  D: 2 in  

Not for sale

Honduran Mahogany - The sail loft where I once worked had old wooden transoms hanging on the wall. These were sawed off the original hull before their rotted carcass' were burned, as they were beyond repair. They reminisced of their duties once performed and I thought it would fitting if they could illustrate this through an image. These relief carvings depict a part of our American maritime heritage. The shape from which the relief scene is carved is a reconstruction of the transom of the boat being portrayed. The images are treated as a monochromatic painting using the wood and light to create the values and contrast needed for the effect. The transom acts as a crystal ball - not foretelling the future but rather relating the transoms past. The pieces are carved subtractively from one piece of wood. The wooden lines are added after the heavy carving is completed.

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