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Wind nest OSV series #1

David Bennett

2010    Size   H: 13 in  W: 23 in  D: 11 in    Weight: 2 lb

Available for Purchase

Honduran Rosewood, Reassembled Gouges Chips The series “OSV” (Oriented Strand Vessel), are vessels composed of wood carving chips, usually generated as random waste in a subtractive sculpture. These chips once considered negative space form a positive by-product for an intuitive jigsaw puzzle. The chips are assembled one at a time, orienting the fibers to maximize strength and minimize wall thickness (Approx. 1/8"). This eliminates the weakness’ of end grain as in solid wood structures. Unconventional holloware can be formed previously foreign to wood. Coated with an epoxy resin on the inside, the technique yields an extraordinary strength to weight ratio, is waterproof and uses precious woods economically.

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