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Photo by Joshua Salesin
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Mandala Cup Set

Joshua Salesin

2004    Size   H: 2 in  W: 2.75 in  D: 2.75 in  

In a public collection

The Mandala Cup Series reflects a fascination with pattern and light. The elegant simplicity of the cup form serves as a container for intricate, three-dimensional patterns that begin at the rim and draw inward to the center resembling the circular designs of a mandala. In the Buddhist tradition, the mandala is seen as a symbol of the universe and used as a tool for meditation. Carl Jung viewed the mandala as a vessel into which we project our psyche. Fashioned from African blackwood, the organic spiral and floret patterns are achieved using an antique hand-powered rose engine lathe. A matched set of five Mandala Cup designs (as pictured above) was acquisitioned for the permanent collection of The Center for Art In Wood (previously called the Wood Turning Center). There are currently sixteen different designs in the Mandala Cup Series:

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