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Serengeti III

John Traeger

2015    Size   H: 9 in  W: 12 in  D: 6 in  

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This piece was designed to celebrate the Trees of the Serengeti Type of wood used in this piece is African Wenge with Buckeye Burl on the drawer fronts. The drawers are lined with a suede material. There are no stains or dyes, rather only a protective finish, to enhance the natural wood color. There is a secret drawer in this box. Wenge Characteristics: Wenge is an exotic and imported hardwood that has heartwood that is dark brown with very close, fine, almost black veins. The texture is coarse and the grain is straight to slightly wavy. When freshly cut, the heartwood of Wenge is a yellow-brown color, but then in a few months, it darkens to a deep brown, almost black, with alternate layers of light and dark tissue, forming a decorative figure. The tree is Native To: Southern regions of Tanzania, Mozambique, and the Congo region. The buckeye tree is medium-sized, reaching less than 100 feet with a trunk diameter of up to three feet. Its wood is relatively light in weight as well as color. When burl is part of its composition, dark areas are also prominent. The wood also has a unique texture. When cutting tools are applied, fine dust, rather than shavings, is produced. This characteristic lends itself to a smooth finish. However, it is also very porous. So, extra amounts of polish or finish material are needed to protect the finish. Buckeye Burl is an unusual species. Colors range from blue-black to golden whites with a mixture in between. Buckeye is a very difficult and expensive wood to mill. Some of the obstacles faced when milling are rocks, sand, dirt, bullets, and rattlesnakes. Yes, rattlesnakes inside the voids in the burl! The Base of the tree (root wad) that is underground produces 90% or more of the burl. The burls can range from 50 pounds up to several thousand in their natural state. When converting a burl into usable wood, there is usually between 60-75% waste.

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