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Photo by David Harrison
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The Bell Shrine

Wendy Maruyama

2015    Size   H: 75 in  W: 20 in  D: 15 in  

walnut*, bronze, ink** Even though I am agnostic, I have always been drawn by the rituals of Buddhism. The process of honoring or commemorating the dead eventually found its way into my work - perhaps it was a desperate attempt for me to find solace in the sadness and despair I felt when researching the problems of wildlife poaching, the decimation of species and their habitat at the hands of man. It became an inner way for me to deal with the agony of the research - a way for me to honor the loss of every animal that dies at the hands of poachers and trophy hunters. The bell rings every 15 minutes, which is when an elephant is killed. *made with gun stock recovered from a rifle factory that had gone out of business. **elephant photo taken during my trip to Africa

Photo by David Harrison
Photo by David Harrison

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