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Autumn Apple ~ Box

Janel Jacobson

2011    Size   H: 2.1 in  W: 2.3 in  

In a private collection

Apples left on our trees past the first frosts of autumn are at their prime for us to enjoy eating them. This means that they are also ready for other creatures to enjoy them as well. In some years, we share them with deer. This year, the Lady Bugs surprised me as I picked one to eat. I counted fourteen of them in a cavity that their appetites had created. Turned and carved, from boxwood whose origin was Laos, this carved box tells the autumn apple story. Some apples were beautiful and delicious, tart and sweet. Some were stressed and stunted from the drought. While the leaves of the tree fed certain insects, the apple served others as seen by the little holes dotting the skin of the fruit. At the season's end, the Lady Bugs feasted and shared their bounty with me. The little red bump that serves to help the top align with the bottom of the box is made from Sirari wood. I did not carve it to look like a Lady Bug, but the first glance might make one think about it.

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