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Talisman Netsuke for 2011

Janel Jacobson

2011    Size   H: 1.9 in  W: 1.4 in  D: 1.8 in  

In a museum - Yale University Art Gallery

The frog, as a netsuke, is sitting on a little bag that is full of coins. The suggestion of coins may be seen when you can make the light source produce shadows on the piece as flat, circular areas on all sides. They are subtle, but the reference to coins is there, showing through the thick material. At the tiny opening of the bag where the drawstrings do not quite close, you will see a flash of 24 K gold, suggesting that the contents are of high value. This touch encourages the viewer to consider that the bag is filled coins of high value. The frog netsuke is a sign for hope of return, and in this composition for a return to better times for so many of us who have felt the strain of these economic times. The ojime has a little rabbit on it, the Zodiac symbol for this year, 2011. I carved this piece early in 2011 with a smile, and with hope. The netsuke is carved from one piece of Japanese Boxwood (tsuge), which was a gift from KOMADA Ryushi, a well respected netsuke carver from Japan. The eyes are inlaid with African Blackwood, which is from a long ago gift from Dale Chase.

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