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It Satisfied My Soul No. 4

Donna Banfield

2016    Size   H: 3 in    Weight: 1 lb

This represents Number 4 in my series, titled “It Satisfied My Soul”. The series represents a body of work that contains the elements of ‘making’ that I find so immensely satisfying. An idea begins in my sketch book and takes physical form when my pattern is drawn on the turning. This is a methodical process, as I work each leaf pattern with intent that it matches or compliments its adjacent partner. Pyro-engraving comes next, as my pattern becomes permanent, first the outline followed by the texture. Color is added, or not. Gold or silver leaf in an area may suggest just a bit of brightness. What originally drew me to woodturning was the immediacy and near instant gratification. Now I find the slow, deliberate and methodical work wonderfully meditative. I need this. It feeds my soul, and I am at peace.

It Satisfied My Soul No. 4. Close-up

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