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Lagartos del Sol

Dick Kelly

2013    Size   H: 22 in  W: 11.5 in  

I spent years of making a virtue of working small. I like that the surface texturing and the sculptural use of negative space in my designs makes them tactically appealing. The Pilgrims Vessels series, especially, are made to be handled. But in a gallery setting, I finally conceded that size matters. With a small lathe and a physical inability to wrestle big chunks of wood around, my approach is to stack medium-sized pieces up to get the overall size I want. I used the lizards I originally drew for my old business, Casa Lagarto (“Lizard House” in English) as a unifying feature on both the platter and base. This is my first completed routercarved piece where I used a palm router to set in the two-step recessed levels of the design. The lizards feature pyrography and the piece is colored with acrylic paints. The central bowl shape was turned, carved and colored with acrylics. The orange-tinted center suggested the title, which in English is “Lizards of the Sun.”

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