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A Loss of Harmony

Stephen Hatcher

2016    Size   H: 14 in  W: 29.5 in  D: 2.5 in    Weight: 10 lb

In a private collection

Artwork Statement: Our modern wold is increasing divided with respect to economy, politics, societal norms, religion, prejudice - the list goes on. "A Loss of Harmony", a fractured and distorted 'lute', is both a representation of the loss of harmony between groups otherwise so alike but where neither is perfect, and my hope that these groups achieve harmony once again. Note: this is not representative of any real instrument but the closest is a Wandervogel lute, Germany's initial response to the Spanish Guitar when it was introduced. Materials: Bigleaf Maple (AAA figure), African Blackwood, Purfling, Fiber-veneer, Plywood backing, NZ Paua Shell (pronounced "paw-wah"), Resin, Colorfast dyes, Acrylic paint, Lacquer

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