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Migration of the Long-Tailed Jaeger

Stephen Hatcher

2014    Size   H: 21 in  W: 23.5 in  D: 4 in    Weight: 7 lb

In a public collection - Property of the National Park Art Collection

Donated by: Artist

Materials: Woods include South American Rosewood and Ebony, Bigleaf Maple (WA state), Alder (AK); with mineral crystal inlays, metal acid dyes, and a musical instrument lacquer finish. Description: This piece was inspired by the sighting of the Long-tailed Jaeger during my first day hiking in Denali NP & P during my Artist-in-Residence there in 2014.  The bird has a striking appearance and I saw it in the midst of rain and sunbursts atop Polychrome Ridge.   The woods in this piece reflect the dramatic migration path of the LT Jaeger which ranges from Western South American through the Pacific Northwest to Central Alaska. The vessel is hollow and the lid/finial can be removed (it is secured with rare-earth magnets).  The body wood, bigleaf maple, was selected to enhance the inlay design with a sky and clouds effect. The form seems Asian but that isn't the intent.  The sweeping top represents the grandeur of Denali NP & P, while the lid reflects the shape of black spruce, and the finial reflects the shape of the tail feathers of the LT Jaeger.  The burned, leaning tree imagery represents the threat of increasing fires in the black spruce forests of Alaska due to climate change.  Personally, the sweeping top also represents my wife Brenda's stance when she was singing "The Sound of Music" when we were on Polychrome Peak during the first sighting of the LT Jaeger.

Photo by Artist

Offset view showing half-moon form.

Photo by Artist

Back view.

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