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Marley Romney

James Mellick

2014    Size   H: 17 in  W: 44 in  D: 17 in  

In a private collection

Carved walnut with copper details. Ghost Dog series designed to hang on opposite sides of a common wall. I had no idea that Ann and Mitt Romney had been owners of one of my canine sculptures since 1995 until I received an email expressing their interest in a Weimaraner sculpture to commemorate the life and passing of their dog Marley who died in 2006. I did not have what they wanted at the time but I got busy and created two Weimaraners in the ghost dog format and surprised them with two dogs from which to choose. They chose the one that pleased them most and I inscribed the title "Marley Romney, 1996-2006". It now hangs in their Utah home. Added to this story is the fact that my wife and I raised Weimarners for several years so Mitt and I shared a love for the breed. I told him that I wished my dog was hanging in the White House and he wrote back saying "Ghost candidate, perhaps". The other Weimaraner carving is included with the detail images.

Marley Romney, front

Marley Romney, rear

Marley Romney, head detail

Weimaraner Ghost Dog II, 2014. This is the slightly different twin to Mitt Romney's dog and it is currently on display at An American Craftsman Gallery in New York City. This sculpture has now been SOLD

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