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Po Shun Leong

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Amongst the more practical furniture seating designs from the studio are these simple looking stools. Simple is harder to do than complicated. It is about constant reduction of form to arrive at the essence to when nothing else can be taken away. In the studio I develop the working prototypes which, after evaluation, are sent to the factory for production.

Fortune Cookie Stool, 2008 I developed this shape as a result of playing with paper bending. One sheet, bent into a usable shape for sitting on was the result. Tendo Furniture competition, 2008 2014 Permanent collection in the Design Museum (die neue Sammlung) Germany.

Folding paper

Polygon Stools, 2007. Solid woods.

Flip Flop stools, 2008. The stool is turned over to change heights.

Spiral, 2008 Plywood and metal

Spider Stool, 2010. Looks simple but the moulding is complicated

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