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Console Tables

Po Shun Leong

  Size   W: 54 in  

In a private collection

A series of console tables from 1991 to 2009 were produced in the studio. This 1996 version of bleached maple and wenge with an ebony pendulum was commissioned by Rebecca Klemm. The heavy pendulum will slowly swing from east to west.

Console Table, 1991 This is the first of a series of tables produced between 1990-2009. Repetition of forms express the powerful image conveyed by the generators inside a dam. Exhibited at the American Craft Expo, Evanston. 54" long

Console Table, 1992. Irv Lipton collection. Black paint over ash wood to accompany a black dining table. Irv Lipton had an extensive collection of the works of wood artists. 54" long

Console Table, 1994 Private collection, John Cleese. 54" long

Console Table, 1995 Private collection. 54" long

Console Table, 1997 Mitch Berliner collection. 54" long.

Pencil Sketch for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art console table.

Console Table, 1998 Permanent collection of the Los Angeles county Museum of Art.

Console Table, 1998 Private collection. The interior under the glass top is a miniature urban scene/ 54" long

Interior of the previous image. A miniature urban scene of buildings under the glass top.

Console Table 1999 Private collection. exhibited at the Furniture Society conference. 54" long

Console Table 1999. Black paint over maple. Glass art by Latchezar Boyadjiev. Private Collection.

Detail of the previous table image

Console Table, 1999. 54" long. Glass by Latchazar Boyadjiev. Private Collection.

Round console table , 2000 About 54" diameter

Round console table, 2003 Art glass by Jon Kuhn. The glass can be seen through a window. The shapes revolved around each other, lit by fiber optic cables. Private Collection.

Detail of the art glass from the previous photo.

Console Table, 2004 One of a pair. Private collection. It was rumored that this table was a given to Ex President Gorbachev.

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