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Coffee Tables

Po Shun Leong

In a private collection

Coffee Table, 1996 commissioned by Rebecca Klemm at the Smithsonian Craft Show. The table will move easily on its hidden wheels. Rececca said that she wanted a space to put up her feet, so a small ledge was built into the curved mahogany "Wall". the recess looks more like a balcony. On the glass top, there are two movable buildings.

"Catamaran" Coffee Table, 1993 Private Collection.

Coffee Table, 1996 Set of three individual coffee tables can be arranged as needed. Private Collection

Coffee Tables, 1996 Soon after the fall of the Berlin Wall nuts and bolts from the infamous structure were collected and incorporated into these coffee tables. The tables are opposites, with the theme of Destruction and Reconstruction. The darker table contains scenes of concentration camps, bombing, torture and the damaged Berlin church tower still standing. The bolts hold parts of the table together. The other table represents new Berlin, hope and freedom. Private collection, Germany.

Hidden in the interior of the black table are scenes like this. Fear and bombing. Parts bound together with old bandsaw blades that represent barbed wire.

Images of destruction, concentration camps and terror are on the exterior of the black table.

The other table: "Reconstruction" 1996

Coffee Table, 1999 Contains an urban landscape within the interior. 54" diameter top. Private Collection

Coffee Table, 2010. Experimental table. Bleached maple. 72" long.

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