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Jay Shepard

2015    Size   H: 3 in  W: 12.5 in  D: 12.5 in  

Enceladus is the sixth-largest moon of Saturn. It is unique in that it has “cryo-volcanoes” that shoot geyser-like jets of water vapor, ice particles and other materials into space. Some of the water vapor falls back as "snow" and the rest escapes, and merges into the second outermost ring. The center lid represents Enceladus, the painted surface represents the materials released from the geysers and the inlays represent the merging of that material into Saturn’s rings. This lidded vessel is made of big leaf maple, acrylic paint, lacquer and selenite. Inside the vessel and lid the viewer is provided an additional surprise with the painted images of a nebula or deep space. Airbrush and paint brushes were used to build the painted surfaces. The paint is applied layer upon layer building the surface to create an illusion of depth. Finally, a clear water-based lacquer is applied to the entire piece and then buffed to a high luster.

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