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David Fisher

2015    Size   H: 3.75 in  W: 15.5 in  D: 15.5 in  

In a private collection

I like the idea of exploration. As children, we naturally see possibilities and opportunities in every tree and creek. Bill Watterson reminded us of this notion in his final Calvin and Hobbes strip. In it, is the feeling that all shall be well, a sentiment also found within “Little Gidding” by T. S. Eliot. As I wondered over Eliot’s writing (the wheels in my head turn slowly), I kept returning to the four lines above, and I designed this walnut bowl as a fitting setting for his words. Through the layout of the words themselves, the path of the raised ridge along the underside of the bowl, and even the tree on the bottom, I hope the piece reflects return and renewal. This piece was carved from a walnut tree that fell in a ravine not far from my house. As always the tools used were axe, adze, gouge, and knife.

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