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Photo by Peter Korolov
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Jacob and Lisa Hodsdon


With the wood conservation efforts beginning in Japan in the 1600s Prior to the 19th century, the government of Japan did not allow wood craftsmen or lathe workers to make something as frivolous as dolls, as there was a "thrift ordinance" At the time, which defined doll making as a luxury. Wood was for burning or charcoal, not manufacturing. Nevertheless, the earliest Kokeshi were made from odd bits of scrap wood, Like our Kokeshi predecessors we utilize odd shaped and often ,otherwise unusable pieces of wood. Mining beautiful detail out if otherwise overlooked qualities. Pushing the boundaries of this established folk art ,by creating Sosaku "creative " Kokeshi using burls and woods local to our area Perpetually continuing the dialogue between the raw material, the paint, two artists and the Japanese Culture We are especially fond of these smaller kokeshi made from amazing pieces of Manzanita and beautiful Russian Olive wood burls.

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