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Passages Into the Void

Harry Pollitt

2003    Size   H: 4.25 ft  W: 1.167 ft  D: 1.167 ft  

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Passages is sculpted from a piece of aromatic red cedar left curb-side on a brush clean-up day in Clinton, NJ. Guess who claimed it? New Age thinking has it that through meditation, one can slip between the spaces in thoughts and access the eternal realm. I chose the title, Passages Into the Void, so that the viewer might have a sense of the meditation that is my work. On a regular basis, I assign my left brain a logic or math problem to solve and, while the left is distracted, the right brain slips into that wonderland that is the source of creativity and inspiration. It is my own private play land, where time and our so-called reality do not exist.

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