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Norine Kevolic

2014    Size   H: 25 in  W: 25 in  D: 5.5 in  

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OFFERINGS is a bamboo mosaic, with tooled and painted background; natural bamboo strands and sculptural bamboo elements in foreground. There are 3 disks of poplar, stained blue. The "moon" shows the interior wall of bamboo; the "forest" consists of bamboo strips that I tooled by bandsaw, and stained; the "offerings" are sculptural pieces that I attached to the upwardly arcing strands of bamboo. OFFERINGS is intended to evoke the timeless bond between the Dreamer and the Moon as confidant. (The creation of this mosaic followed The Dream Keeper.)

Photo by Norine Kevolic

OFFERINGS, detail 1

Photo by Norine Kevolic

OFFERINGS, detail 2

Photo by Norine Kevolic

OFFERINGS, detail 3

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