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Photo by Deftly Daft Productions
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Trader Rick's Maicha'i Tea Set

Rick Crawford

2015    Size   H: 16.5 in  W: 12 in  D: 8 in  

Available for Purchase - Please contact the artist.

Recycled Western Red Cedar from a signpost, turned, carved, textured, no finish. The top is a coconut shell, topped with recycled copper that has been fold-formed, with flame patina. The handle and spout are recycled CopperNickel coolant tubing, with verdigris patina. The cups are recycled copper 2" tubing that has been fold-formed utilizing a 20 ton hydraulic press, with added flame patinas, and their bases are recycled Western Red Cedar, that have been turned and textured. The tray is a repurposed inverted railroad rail sleeper chair (that's what the rail sits on top of on the sleeper, otherwise known as a crosstie), with ferrous oxide patina. The inspiration for this set derives from the ancient statues on Easter Island, and as the tea cups are rotated, different faces appear in the folded copper.

Photo by Deftly Daft Productions

Detail of top.

Photo by Deftly Daft Productions

Just one of the many views of these whimsical tea cups.

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