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Saint Jerome's Study

Jay Rogers

2017    Size   H: 16 in  W: 13.5 in  D: 10 in  

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When a friend sent me an image of the painting by Renaissance artist Antonello da Messina entitled "Saint Jerome in his Study", I got that tingly feeling that means, "I think this is my next box." It's a delightful, quirky painting, full of intriguing and amusing details, with the Saint sitting in the middle of an odd stage set-like construction plunked down in the middle of a dark church nave. But really it's a wonderful and rigorous study in Renaissance perspective, and that's what I decided to explore. The resulting box is a type of diorama with a raked floor and foreshortened interior space in which all the structures are angled to suggest an imaginary vanishing point. For sanity's sake I left out most of the fascinating clutter, and enhanced the stage set quality with just a few relevant props to honor this patron saint of translators and librarians. There are actually three compartments in this box, and I'll let you guess where they might be. (The answer can be found on my website,

This image shows the full box.

The painting of Saint Jerome in his Study, by Antonello da Messina, on which my Saint Jerome's Study is based.

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