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The Tower of Babel

Jay Rogers

2016    Size   H: 15 in  W: 18 in  D: 18 in  

This box sculpture is based on the well-known Bible story and also somewhat inspired by the famous Breugel painting. The challenge for me was to make a structure that, like the building in the story, was unfinished. I planned out only the lower three levels but let the rest develop by improvisation. There ended up being four levels of compartments stacked on top of each other, the lowest being an octagonal "hall" with arches and columns. The woods are curly maple and walnut, and the blue of the gates was inspired by the Assyrian Ishtar Gate at the British Museum. The base of the structure is octagonal, and there are four main gates and four secondary gates leading to stairs or ramps going up three levels. Then a tower of four intertwining spirals begins, with ramps leading towards the interrupted core.

This is an overview of the base of the box showing the octagonal inner "hall" compartment on the first level of the sculpture.

This shows the tower in mid-construction which is about to be interrupted.

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