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Eremo Le Celle Box

Jay Rogers

2015    Size   H: 9 in  W: 20 in  D: 21 in  

Available for Purchase

The Franciscan monastery of Le Celle was founded by the saint himself on a hillside outside the walls of Cortona, Italy, in 1221. The site is dramatic – a deep ravine carved by a rushing stream divides a jumble of dry stone buildings on one side from terraces of gardens and orchards linked by ramps and stairways on the other. Three bridges cross the ravine at different heights. It immediately enthralled me when I visited it, and I took a few photos, wondering if I could ever use it as the starting point for a box. Several years later, I’ve made my box. I chose cherry and mahogany for the box but have left the woods un-oiled to suggest the dry feeling of the place. The two sides of the box are separate structures, with the bridges belonging to the terraced side. I did not try to replicate the ravine bed or rushing stream but focused on abstracting the man-made aspects – the buildings and terraces - while trying to capture the feeling of precipitous height and nestled enclosure. There are nine compartments in all – five within the buildings and four beneath the terraces. To see a video of how the sculpture opens, go to:

Detail close-up view of the box

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