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Step Well Series # 1 - Ramkund Ki Vav

Jay Rogers

2013    Size   H: 11 in  W: 14 in  D: 14 in  

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This is my first box in a series inspired by the incredible step wells of northern India. Each box begins with a specific step well, but I then adapt the design to include elements from other step wells and my imagination. This is a classic square step well with three levels of stairs and several pavilions around a central well. The surface or ground level of the box has four little pavilions, and four stairways leading down into the well , and then eight stairways lead down to the next level and six more stairways lead down to the central pool. There is a two-level temple on one face of the well and a small pavilion on the opposite face. There are 18 compartments in all: 12 on the top level, four drawers on the sides, and two hidden inner compartments. The outer wood is figured makore and the inner wood is bird’s eye maple. To see how the boxes in the Step Well Series open, see the video at:

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