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Homage to M.C.Escher Box # 3

Jay Rogers

2013    Size   H: 15 in  W: 15 in  D: 15 in    Weight: 4 lb

Available for Purchase

My third exploration of Escher's peculiar spacial sensibilities, this box is not based on a specific image but, like my second box in the series, begins with the idea of a cube with identical faces in different orientations. In this box two faces form a single interconnected tableau which is repeated two more times, each on a different axis. The three tableaux meet at three inconnected stairways at the top point of the sculpture. In a return to my puzzle box days, the box is self-locking, and a section of each tableau slides to unlock a cubic space at the base of the box. Thoroughly confused?

This image shows the box with the top removed, exposing the cubic compartment.

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