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Homage to M.C.Escher Box # 2

Jay Rogers

2013    Size   H: 13 in  W: 13 in  D: 13 in    Weight: 4 lb

In a gallery

With this box I returned to fantasy architecture from multiple points of view, of which M.C.Escher is the undisputed master. This box sculpture is a pierced cube with three identical facades with stairs and arches, each facing a different direction and with a different orientation. Hence there is no single "up", and so the box sits on end in a stand. The three lower faces of the cube are also identical and in different orientations, and one of these faces can be removed, allowing an inner cube to be accessed. This cube, with its one compartment, can be removed, and one can look through the open structure of the box.

This view of the box shows it laid on one of it's lower faces, and you can see more clearly the tree identical facades in their different orientations.

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