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Heaven and Hell

Jay Rogers

2010    Size   H: 25 in  W: 15 in  D: 15 in    Weight: 10 lb

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This set of two box sculptures, one atop the other, is inspired by medieval reliquaries, many of which were made in the form of miniature sacred buildings. The Heaven box, which sis atop the Hell box, is an exploration of Gothic arches, comprised of four ‘rooms’ with symmetrical stairway configurations leading to balconies or to adjoining rooms. There are six compartments under the floors, accessed by using the stairs as pulls. The wood is figured maple. Just as so many religious sanctuaries are constructed on the sites of earlier sanctuaries of discredited cults, the Heaven box sits atop a lower sculpture, the Hell box. It is a square symmetrical construction of layers of Roman arches and has a central court with four spiraling stairways leading down. This court is a separate piece (and a container as well) which can be lifted out of the central well. Then eight drawers on two levels can be accessed and opened by pushing forward from the inside. There are also four drawers that pull into the center of the inner courtyard. The wood is quartered walnut and walnut stump. Though they are meant to be a set, the two box sculptures may also stand separately.

This is an image of the Heaven box by itself.

This image is of the Hell box by itself.

This image shows the spiral stairs leading down into the courtyard of Hell.

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