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Photo by S.Paulsen
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Apple Nut Spirit Vessel

Stephen Mark Paulsen

2013    Size   H: 4 in  W: 2.5 in  D: 2.5 in    Weight: 2.5 oz

In a private collection - Collection of Myles Gilmer

This "Spirit Vessel" has its roots in the Saffron boxes turned by the "treen" makers of Victorian England. The main body is an amazing palm seed from the south pacific island of Vanuatu. These nuts are hard to get hold of but are just about the biggest useable vegetable ivory nut on the planet. They also exhibit the finest figure I have found in an ivorynut, and sometimes look like amber. They are toroidal at best so it's up to the artist to address the top-bottom issues. Camatillo is mostly a salvaged rosewood from slash piles when land is cleared , though most is undoubtedly wasted, burned in ignorance, as very few people even know the wood is precious or workable; it is that rare. Also in the top is a turned ring of another palm seed, this one collected from the ground under a palm tree on Maui. The base is Thai ebony that came to me in woven bamboo specialty bags made to be suspended in bundles on either side of the elephant. I am guessing they have been milled for 50-100 years.

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