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Louis Vadeboncoeur

2014    Size   H: 13 in  W: 6 in  

Not for sale

In my 20's I was not turning wood, instead I was turning clay. At that time Daniel de Montmollin, an incredibly gitted French ceramist, was my hero and he still is. For more than 50 years he has been travelling all over France to find the sources of his unique and wonderful glazes. At 92 years old he still produces pottery of such elegance and with such unique forms that he is an inspiration to all turners. He has written many philosophical treaties on the work of a ceramist and his book ''les pierres habitées'' is a pure delight to read. This piece, inspired by Daniel de Montmollin's work, is a tribute to him and my way to say thank you for everything he has brought to me over the years. Maple, splatered with paint (red, black, grey, brown) in a desired pattern with the black tulips in bloom airbrushed with a black lightly tinted brown. The finish is a urethane based gloss varnish, to give it a glass-like feel and look resembling Montmollin's work

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