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"Tea in the Forest" - Sandy's Child #1

Michael Scarborough

2013    Size   H: 9 in  W: 10 in  D: 5.75 in    Weight: 1.2 lb

In a private collection

This piece was the first in my series, "Sandy's Children," that I am creating incorporating materials left in the devastating wake of Hurricane Sandy. The teapot is Locust from Long Island's North Shore, the handle is London Planetree from our front yard, and the spout was carved and steam-bent from the root of the beautiful climbing rose that formerly graced the back wall of our home. Creating this piece generated in me a sense of tranquility that counter-balanced the fury and heart-rending destruction of the storm. This piece was featured in my NYC gallery debut at Medialia Gallery. I am honored and humbled to say that it now lives on a George Nakashima dining table in an art-filled home across Fifth Avenue from the Met Museum. An essay I wrote on the topic of Sandy, "From Devastation, Beauty Will Rise," was published on the American Craft Council website:

The spout of this piece was made from the root of a huge rose that used to grow up to our bedroom window but was destroyed during the storm. The kanji reads Shiranami, White Wave, the name of the sailboat my father had built when we lived in Japan. I have chosen Shiranami as my art name.

The Chawan (teacups) are of ash with a wall of less than 1/16th inch.

Here I make use of and enhance a knot, filling the deeper voids with 22k gold powder.

I used cut iron nails to secure the handle. The branch is from a London Plane tree that fell further down our block during the storm.

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