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Photo by Norm Sartorius
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Pao Ferro Ladle

Norm Sartorius

1977    Size   H: 5.5 in  W: 4 in  D: 16 in  

In a private collection - Purchased from WV State Exhibition: Union Carbide Gallery, 1977

When I apprenticed with Phil & Sandye Jurus in Baltimore in 1974-75 they shared the Brazilian Rosewood and a few other exotic woods they had with me. Sandye had connections at the Martin Guitar Factory in Nazareth, PA and they had log slabs and rejected guitar parts. After I moved to WV I learned that the Dean Company, a veneer mill two hours from where I lived, had a few imported logs. They sold the "backing boards", a byproduct of the veneer cutting process, to woodworkers. This large ladle was made from Pao Ferro, a rosewood look alike from Bolivia that Dean imported. The state of WV at that time had a very supportive attitude toward it's artists and craftspeople. WV had it's own booth at the ACC Baltimore Show (Called Winterfair at the time) They also sought additional opportunities to promote WV craft outside the state. The Union Carbide Gallery showed the state display in 1977 and this ladle was made for that exhibit. It sold to the woman heading up the WV crafts program for $85 of which I receive probably 60 - 70%. I think of this spoon as my first spoon with only decorative intent.

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