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Photo by Jim Osborn
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Monument Valley

Norm Sartorius

2013    Size   H: 14 in  W: 5 in  D: 2 in  

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Bull Oak Burl - Australia Original and unusual this large spoon makes use of stunning sapwood weathering which revealed intact medullary rays as a miniaturized landscape on the side of the handle. The burl eyes shown on each side of the bowl create streaks across the bottom. Bold forms ending in a decorative carved detail on the end of the handle, Monument Valley is at once bleak and lush.

Photo by Jim Osborn

With the spoon in this position you can see the landscape created by the intact ends of medularry rays where the sapwood has eroded leaving the harder rays exposed. Monument Valley is a stunning landscape and tribal Navajo Park in Colorado near the four corners area. Landscape and harsh desert weathering played a major role in the creation of this work.

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