Keith Holt


Keith Holt is a self-taught wood sculptor and woodturner. He began working with wood as the culmination of a lifelong pursuit of art. After leaving college to work as a gymnastics instructor and later owning and running his own gymnasium in the Baltimore area, Keith bought his first lathe at a yard sale in 2003 and began exploring the artistic potential of wood. Over the years, he has refined his technique and sought new artistic possibilities in wood. In early 2010, he left the gymnastics world to pursue his art full-time.

Unlike the two-dimensional arts Keith studied in his younger years, multi-axis turning and carving allows him to translate into artistic works the sense of beautiful movement he encountered in gymnastics. Keith also grounds in his work in the spiritual practice that shapes his life. The seamless expression of inner spirit through outer form is the goal of every piece he makes.

Though Keith is an emerging artist in the field, some of his woodturning work has gained wide recognition. He has demonstrated not only regionally in the Mid-Atlantic but also nationally at the American Association of Woodturning (AAW). His work has gained mention in Woodturning Design, American Woodturner and Creative Woodturning, and was a featured artist in the English Woodturning Magazine. One of his pieces, “Clear View,” toured nationally with the 2008 AAW exhibition “Turn for Use II.” In 2009, Keith received a POP grant for his work in figurative multi-axis turning. In 2010 a collaborative piece was selected for the special exhibit “A Decade at Echo Lakes.”
In 2011 Jane, Arthur Mason and David Ellsworth selected the piece ‘Longing’ for the permanent collection of the American Association of Woodturning.

Keith lives in Forest Hill, Maryland with his wife, Melanie Ruckle. They have two children in college.