Malcolm Zander



      M.Sc. (New Zealand, 1964)
      Ph.D. (Toronto, 1967)

Former career:

Professor and program coordinator, Algonquin College, Ottawa, 1969-1999. Taught courses in biochemistry, organic chemistry, toxicology & occupational safety, in English and in French. Coordinated program producing biochemical technologists. Retired in 1999.

Woodturning career:

    2000 - Began turning.
    2001 & 2002 - Toronto 'One of a Kind' juried craft show.
    2003 - Ottawa Signatures 'Originals' juried craft show


Ottawa Wood Show, 2002. First competition. Entered in Intermediate and Senior categories, against several turners of long experience. Received first and second in Intermediate, first and second in Senior, People's Choice Award (for the turning voted most popular by the public), and Best of Show.

Ottawa Wood Show, 2003. Second competition. Entered in Senior and Master categories. Received second and third in Master, first in Senior hollow forms and first in Senior bowls

Canada Council for the Arts: Travel Grant, 2004.

Ontario Arts Council Craft Artist's Grant, 2004.

Winner of the Niche Award for Turned Wood, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2009.


    Canadian Museum of Civilization, Ottawa/Gatineau, Canada
    Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, Massachusetts
    The Contemporary Museum, Hawaii
    The Center for Art in Wood, Philadelphia, PA
    Her Excellency Michaelle Jean, former Governor General of Canada
    Nobel Laureate Jules Hoffmann & Mme. Danièle Hoffmann
    Shell Canada
    Telus Communications
    Toronto Dominion Bank
    Canadian National Railways

To date (2014), my work is owned by collectors in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, New Zealand, France and Australia.


"Beyond Containment", ivited exhibition, Annual Symposium of the American Association of Woodturners, San José, CA, 2012

 "The American Association of Woodturners: An International Invitational Exhibition of Turned or Sculpted Wood", Southern Highland Craft Guild Folk Art Center, Ashevill, NC, 2012

 "Hand Made" exhibition, Carnegie Museum of Art collection, April 2011

 "Emerging Patterns", invited exhibition, Asheville, NC, 2011

 Invited national craft exhibit for G-20 meeting, Toronto, 2010.

 "Made of Wood", juried exhibition, Erin, Ontario, Canada, 2010.

 "The Teapot", invited exhibition, Annual Symposium of the American Association of Woodturners, Hartford, Connecticut, 2010.

Contemporary Wood Art: Collectors' Selections" exhibition, Wood Turning Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2010

"The Art of Craft", juried Canadian national crafts exhibit for Cultural Olympiad at the Museum of Vancouver for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games, 2010.

"Ontario Craft '09", juried exhibition, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto, Ontario.

 "Unity and Diversity: Selected Works" juried Canadian national exhibition, Cheongju International Craft Biennale, Cheongju, South Korea, 2009.

"Over the Edge, Woodturning into Sculpture", invited exhibition, Prichard Gallery, University of Idaho, 2008.

Collectors of Wood Art, Scottsdale, Arizona, 2008.

Selected Works, del Mano Gallery, Los Angeles, California, 2008.

"Small Treasures" Exhibitions, del Mano Gallery, Los Angeles, California, 2005-2008.

 "Northern Exposure: Works in Wood by Canadian Artists", Invited Exhibition, Canadian Consulate, Los Angeles, California, 2007.

"Turning Green", juried Exhibition of the American Association of Woodturners (AAW) ; Portland, Oregon, & St.Paul, MN,2007.

SOFA (Sculptural Objects and Functional Art) Exhibitions, New York and Chicago, 2006 & 2007.

"From Sea to Odyssey", juried AAW Exhibition; Orlando, Florida and St.Paul, Minnesota. 2004.

Two-man show with watercolour artist Charles Spratt at Charles Spratt Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario, 2003 & 2004.

Selected Publications:

    Featured in the Summer 2004 American Woodturner, p.13.
    Featured in the September 2005 American Woodturner. p.37.
    Featured in November 2005 Woodturning,p.19.
    Featured in the September 2006 American Woodturner. p.16.
    Featured in "Woodturning Tips and Techniques" by Carol Rix, GMC Publications, 2006, pp. 5,8,159,170.
    Featured in 2007 Craft Arts International No.69, p.72.
    Featured in the September 2007 American Woodturner, p.20.
    Featured in the Winter 2007 American Woodturner, p.47.
    Featured in September 2008 Woodturning, pp.48-51.
    Featured in Winter 2008 American Woodturner, Back Cover.
    Featured in "A Lace Fetish" by Joyce Hutchinson, 03/31/2009.
    Interview with CTV, Ottawa, November 2009
    Featured in April 2010 American Woodturner, inside front cover.
    Featured in June 2010 American Woodturner, p.6
    Featured in July 2010 Woodturning, p.70.
    Featured in "Conversations With Wood", 2011, Pub. Minneapolis Institute of Art, p.232
    Featured in "Woodturning Today", 2011, 25th Anniversary of AAW, pp. 10 & 17.
    Featured in Woodworker's Journal, issue 265
    Session with blind group, Saint Paul MN, June 2011
    Acts of Chairorism, with Michael Hosaluk
    Featured in October 2011 American Woodturner, pp. 6,34 & 35
    Featured in “An International Wood Art Collection” by Moreno and Dagmar Gabay, 2012, p.73
    Featured in Ottawa Magazine, January 2013, p.38.
    Featured in April 2013 American Woodturner, p.36.

    Article in September 2005 American Woodturner, pp.54-56.
    Article in Winter 2005 American Woodturner, p.60.
    Article in August 2006 Woodturning, p. 57
    Article in Summer 2009 American Woodturner, p.14.
    Article in April 2010 American Woodturner, p.25.
    Letter to AAW membership, December 2010
    Article in February 2012 American Woodturner, p.13
    Article in June 2013 American Woodturner, pp.44-47
    Article in December 2014 American Woodturner

Professional Activities:

    Competition Coordinator, Ottawa Wood Show, 2004 & 2005.
    Member, Publications Committee, American Assn. of Woodturners, 2005-present.
    Member, Bylaws and Policy Committee, American Assn. of Woodturners, 2011-
    Advisor to the Editor, American Woodturner, 2009 - 2010.
    Member, Nominations Committee, American Assn. Of Woodturners, 2010.
    Director, American Assn. Of Woodturners, 2010
    (Invited onto Board as replacement for resigning Director)
    Advisor to AAW Board, 2011 - 2014
    Exhibition Chair, AAW Professional Outreach Program, 2013 & 2014

        Valley Woodturners, Ottawa, Ontario (numerous occasions)
        Hawkes Bay Woodturning Guild, Hastings, New Zealand, 2005
        Ontario Woodturners Guild, Pickering, Ontario, 2006
        Totally Turning symposium, Albany, NY, 2006
        Kingston Woodturners, Kingston, Ontario, 2008
        Kawartha Woodturners, Peterborough, Ontario, 2008
        Centre for Fine Woodworking, Nelson, New Zealand, 2008
        AAW Annual symposium, Richmond, VA, 2008
        Forest Hill Woodturners, Melbourne, Australia, 2009
        Greater Vancouver Woodturners' Guild, Vancouver, B.C, 2010
        Cascade Woodturners, Portland, Oregon, 2010
        AAW Annual Symposium, Hartford, CT, 2010
        Saskatoon Twenty Ten Woodturning Symposium, Saskatoon, SK, 2010
        Kapiti; Franklin; & South Auckland Woodturning Guilds, NZ, 2011
        Finger Lakes Woodturners, NY, 2011
        International Woodturning Symposium, Auckland, New Zealand, 2012
        Turnfest, Brisbane Australia, 2013
        Nova Woodturners Guild, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2013

    Annual symposia of the AAW:
        Providence, RI,2002
        Orlando FL,2004.
        Kansas City,KA, 2005.
        Louisville, KY , 2006.
        Portland OR, 2007.
        Richmond VA, 2008.
        Albuquerque, NM, 2009.
        Hartford, CT, 2010
        Saint Paul, MN, 2011
        San José, CA, 2012
        Tampa, FL 2013
        Phoenix, AZ, 2014

    Echo Lake collaboration, Pennsylvania, 2009 & 2013; invited participant
    Totally Turning symposium, Albany, NY, 2003 & 2004
    25th Utah Symposium & Totally Turning, Albany, NY, 2004.
    CollaboratioNZ, New Zealand, 2005