Greg Little


I was born in New Orleans and lived there all my life... until August 29th., 2005 when hurricane Katrina flooded and destroyed the home where my wife and I lived for many years. We moved to another home in Prairieville, La., where I built my new studio workshop and stared replacing my lifetime accumulation of woodworking tools.
Woodworking has been fun and enjoyable for me since around the age of 12
We all start somewhere in our journey of doing what we love to do. My creative journey started when I was around 12 years old. As a young child I watched and learned as my Dad, Uncle and Grand Papa built pirogues in the garage. It’s quite an experience to go out duck hunting in the marsh using a homemade pirogue (even if I did flip over into the water a time or two)... These are the kind of great memories that last a lifetime...!
They inspired me to learn a thing or two about the enjoyment of woodworking and being creative.
 I built my soap box Derby cars in the same garage from age 12, 13 & 14 and raced them down the Wisner Blvd overpass during those years. I have renovated and restored old wood yachts and sailboats and built furniture. My wife and I enjoy participating in many art shows with my wood art.