Don Keefer


Don Keefer was born in Maryland in 1946

    B.A. Biology
    Ph.D. Neurobiology

Hobby to Passion:
 My former career focused around research and education, but it allowed me time to follow my passion in the arts. I played the violin, did oil painting, drawing, and computer animation. Mostly though, I concentrated on stained glass, and furniture building. The experience I gained here fed my passion for woodworking and mixed media. Since retiring from academia a few years ago, I have focused my attention on woodturning, as the possibilities of this new world continue to emerge.

Recent Awards:
    2013 Currents – AAW Juried Exhibition – Tampa, FL and The Gallery of Wood Art - St Paul, MN
    The Wood Working Show, Maryland, 2014 First prize turning
    The Wood Working Show, Maryland, 2012 Second prize turning