Satoshi Fujinuma


Birth 1962 Citizenship Japan
Environmental chemistry degree 
After graduated from university , I was employed as ceramics engineer .
In 1993, I saw Woodturning by chance while traveling NZ and I was very interested in woodturning .
From 1996, I started woodturning self- education .
Early days, I was making functional craft works like bowls or goblets .
In1998 , my pieces selected AAW Pathways98 exhibition .
I saw Lathe sculpture object at Pathways exhibition and they were very impressive.
I was interested in wood art object strongly, and start to make objects and try to express nature .

Selected exhibition
1998   Pathways98
           7th Works in Wood
           Japan Craft Exhibition
2000    Little Bowl Show 
           8th Works in Wood  
2001    Turned Multipules II  
             Challenge VI  Roots
             Asahi Contemporary Craft Exhibition
2004   From Sea to Odyssey
2008 allTURNatives Form+Spirit 2008
           (Wood Turning Center Philadelphia USA)
2009   The Spindle 
           Spirit of the Southwest
2010    The Teapot
2011 Inside & Outside the Box del Mano Gallery

           SOFA Chicago del Mano Gallery

           The World Turns : AAW @ 25 AAW SOFA Chicago
           Artfair ULTRA004 (Tokyo Japan)
2012   Koh-jutsu 2.51 (Radi-um von Roentgenwerke AG,Tokyo Japan )
           KOWAKU( Radi-um von Roentgenwerke AG,Tokyo Japan )
           Life Aquatic (The Center for Art in Wood)
           The Cores (The Center for Art in Wood )
           Artfair ULTRA005 (Tokyo Japan)
           SOFA Chicago Riley Galleries
           What is beautiful ? SOFA Chicago Special Exhibition
2013 The Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts
           SOFA Chicago Riley Galleries
           Currents SOFA Chicago Special Exhibition
2014 Ceremony ( Gallery of Wood Art )
           Bartram’s Boxes Remix (The Center for Art in Wood)
           Craft ACT artist in residence program (Australia)
           The Art Fairs Plus Gallery Hanakagesyo booth (Tokyo Japan )
2015 Bogs and Fens – Craft ACT Artist-in-Residence (Au)
           Australian National Botanic Gardens ‘Their Story’ Exhibition
           SOFA Chicago Riley Galleries
           Contemporary Wood Art: The Shock of the Timeless SOFA Chicago Special Exhibition
           The Art Fairs Plus Gallery Hanakagesyo booth (Tokyo Japan )
2016 Patterns  (Gallery of Wood Art    USA)
          SOFA Chicago   Adam Blaue Gallery
           The Art Fairs Plus (Tokyo Japan )
2017 SOFA Chicago   Adam Blaue Gallery

International Event
2002     Emma Lake Collaboration 2002 (Ca)
2007     Turn-fest (Au)
2008   Echo Lake Collaboration X (USA)

2008 International Turning Exchange (USA)
2014 Craft ACT artist in residence program (Australia)

2008       Purchase Award  ( AAW )

2008   American Association of Woodturners  permanent collection  
2001,2008    Wood Turning Center permanent collection

2010   Woodturning (UK) No.222
2012 Craft Arts International (Au) issue 86
2013 Gekkan bijyutsu (Japan) No.449