Louis Vadeboncoeur


Louis is a Canadian artist born in Montreal in 1951. He obtained a BSc in Engineering and started his career as a cooperant engineer in South-East Asia and went on to work as a professional engineer in Africa, the Middle-East and Canada. He has travelled extensively while familiarizing himself with the art and history of each continent and culture he visited.
While working as a senior executive in the Canadian public service he completed a diploma in cabinet making and learned the skills of woodturning and embellishment which soon became a passion. He further refined his art by completing stages with renowned wood artists, and went on to teach wood turning at the École d’ébénisterie in Saint-Jérome, Québec and in giving demonstrations in woodturning. Louis is currently pursuing a fine arts diploma the Ottawa School of Art. He incorporates these learnings in his art. His work integrates his dual heritage of French European and English speaking North America and allies the spirit of the beautiful forms and treatment of wood of current wood artists, the creativity of the extraordinary glass works of the early 1900’s and the uniqueness of early abstract painters.
He has regularly shown his work at the annual event of the ‘’Salons des métiers d’art de Sainte-Adèle’’ and participated at the juried competition of the Totally Turning event of Saratoga Springs where he won a number of prises for his original work. Louis works on commissioned pieces and on unique pieces from his workshop situated in Sainte-Adèle, an artistic community in the Laurentians, north of Montreal, and is actively involved in environmental issues in his community. He is married to Louise, a university professor and researcher and is the father of four children, Claudia, Xavier, Anaïs and Arnaud.
His work has been shown at the Del Mano gallery and articles in Flèche Mag and in the Creative Wood magazine of New Zeland have been written on Louis’s work.