Dan Driscoll


My exposure to art came, fortunately, at a very young age.
My father, a wonderful painter, was my inspiration. His insatiable curiosity, his love and appreciation of art and his background as a tradesman, coupled with his staunch belief in their importance, was instilled in me from my earliest memories.

Although primarily self-taught by the school of trial and error, heavy on the "error", my first introduction to formal art lessons came in the form of a grade 7 art class. My teacher, Miss Davies, was magical and gave that troubled young boy free reign to create. Later I was fortunate to have another sensitive and talented art teacher in high-school, Mr. Batten.
My first sculpture was a small, stylized wood carving of a woman, which I completed in 1973 while still at school.
It is now in the possession of a most important collector, my mom. It can be found at her home where it has been on prominent display for the past 39 years.

During the years that followed, my on-again, off-again relationship with art was at times strained and frustrating, yet it always remained as an integral part of my life.
After years of experimenting within a wide spectrum of mediums and styles, I had a chance encounter with a woodcarver in 1991.
It sparked passion, and since then there has been no looking back.

I feel I have come full circle, and have returned to what I started as a young boy in 1973.
I am once again a student of sculpture.