CWA Awards

Each year, CWA awards a Lifetime Achievement Award to deserving individuals who have made meaningful contributions to the field.

1998-- Bob Stocksdale, artist
1999-- Rude Osolnik, artist
2000-- Michael Monroe, curator
2001-- Jan Peters and Ray Leier, del Mano Gallery
2002-- David Ellsworth, artist
2003-- Albert LeCoff, founder Wood Turning Center
2005-- Edward Jacobson, collector
2006-- William Hunter, artist
2008-- Robyn Horn, artist and collector
2009-- Arthur and Jane Mason, collectors
2010-- Stoney Lamar, artist
2011-- David and Ruth Waterbury, collectors
2012-- Mark Sfirri, artist
2014-- Joe Seltzer, collector
2015-- Betty Scarpino, artist
2016-- Fleur Bresler, collector
2017-- Binh Pho, artist

CWA recognizes outstanding artistic achievement in wood with Excellence in Wood Awards at national craft/art shows.

2011-- Koji Tanaka - Smithsonian Craft Show
2012-- Hunt Clark - Smithsonian Craft Show
2013-- Mark Nantz - Baltimore American Craft Council Show (ACC)
2013-- Charles Faucher - Smithsonian Craft Show
2014-- Keith Holt - Baltimore ACC Show
2014-- Mike Shuler - Smithsonian Craft Show
2015-- Norm Sartorius - Baltimore ACC Show
2015-- Norm Sartorius - Smithsonian Craft Show
2015-- Koji Tanaka - American Craft Exposition
2016-- Denise Nielsen and George Worthington - Baltimore ACC Show
2016-- Michael Bauermeister - Smithsonian Craft Show
2016-- Mike Shuler - American Craft Exposition
2017-- Salem Barker - Baltimore ACC Show
2017-- Mike Shuler - Smithsonian Craft Show
2017-- Michael Mode - American Craft Exposition